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i got a txt from an unknown number who turned out to be your old room mate… it simply said “hey” and i simply responded “morning” but my thouhts quickly became complicated. why is he txting me was first but then as that lingered i wondered … hoped rather… whether it was him or not. could it be you maybe. And if it was just him maybe he had heard from you or had some type of insight… but there was no response to my reply so i was left there wondering… . and then in further desparation for a shred on infomation i pulled up your page…again… nothing new. nothing had changed. but before closed out in defeat i pulled up the message chat with the broken hearted note i left there a week or so ago. no resonse of course. but i looked a little closer and right under the blue box holding my  neglected feels was a small check mark with the words saying “seen wed 7:03am” … and my itial reaction was to stare there. So you saw my words. youve read this and it didnt affect you? you werent moved to reach out to me or even respond? i couldnt believe it. and with my hand on my chess and these thoughts swirling through my head i sat there. staring at “seen wed. 7:03”.

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